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Glass Bottles Wholesale North America


Bottle Manufacturers North America


Brand Identity & Discovery Call

First, we need to learn more about your brand and what sets you apart from the competition.


This is the most crucial step in the process as it allows us to understand the emotion you wish to give your customers when they first see or touch your bottle.


Whether it’s a verbal description, line drawing or rough sketch, we will work with our designers to produce the bottle of your dreams.

3D Model

3D Modeling
& Rendering

We take what we learned in step 1 and turn it into a realistic rendering with depth and texture.


This is where we can add any of the accessories or decoration elements such as different styles of caps, waxed drip, custom box, bottle labelling or frosting, closer and tamper seals.


This step helps you visualize your idea from multiple angles.

Test Mold

Test Mold

& Sampling

From the 3D Model, we create a technical 2D drawing used to design the test mold for the bottle prototypes.


This is where we schedule and run production of your glass bottle. We have multiple Quality Control stops throughout the production process to ensure your bottle comes out perfectly.


Once production is complete, we carefully package your bottles to ensure they are protected during shipment.

3D Model


Products are shipped right to you at your distillery within a few weeks. Your bottles are ready to be filled and distributed.

Test Mold

Launch Strategy

Now that your new custom bottles have arrived at your distillery, been filled and packaged to for distribution, we can offer our experience in marketing and strategy.


We can help you with your marketing relaunch strategy to bring awareness to your product and increase sales.

Bottle Manufacturers North America


Our company gives even small distilleries access to creating their own custom bottles to compete with larger manufacturers.


We are an affordable supplier that maintains the high-quality standard in custom glass, providing you with safe, reliable access to Mexican manufacturing.

We help small and medium-sized businesses stand out on the shelves alongside macro producers.


With offices multiple offices in North America, our team guarantees the highest quality in production and manufacturing of your bottles, all while at lower costs than competitors.


Our experience in the industry means we have the passion and knowledge to help your brand stand out.

Phil Burgess

Sales Manager

UBC Business Graduate


Phil is a 5-time founder who has worked in Canada, USA, and Asia. He has built companies and brands in SaaS, E-Commerce, Consumer Beverages, and Manufacturing.


“I love working with my clients to help distinguish themselves from their local and global competitors ALL while on a budget.”

Kyle Handfield

Business Development

BSc Mechanical Engineering

Kyle is an innovator who has a passion for product development. Kyle has worked in multiple industries, including new product manufacture in China and Taiwan. Kyle is experienced with the development process and loves sharing his knowledge. He has successfully seen several products through the new product development cycle.

Mike Mose

General Manager

BSc Mining Engineering


“I leverage my strong technical background in engineering and applied science, with my aptitude for problem solving, business systems design, and entrepreneurship to deliver results in everything I do.”

Glass Bottles Wholesale

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